LA-Based 26 INTERNATIONAL Selects RLM’S ERP System

26 International Chooses RLM ERP System 

Lyndhurst, New Jersey -- January, 2021- One of the leading manufacturers in Women’s Outwear chooses RLM Apparel Software to replace their current ERP system and help fuel their business growth and operational efficiency.

RLM Apparel Software, solutions provider to the fashion industry’s biggest and most popular brands, will play an integral role in 26 International’s comprehensive upgrade to RLM’s fully integrated ERP system.

Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York City, 26 International turns to RLM Apparel Software to provide the scalability it needs to further their steady business growth of the past two decades. RLM ERP will allow 26 International to better manage their pre-pack business and meet the growing demand of their customers.

RLM’s seamless, easy-to-implement system provides 26 International with the cost saving capability of delivering their goods pre-packed from overseas directly to their warehouse. Additionally, RLM has partnered with Trigen Warehouse to seamlessly send and receive all fulfillment and production orders enabling RLM’s solution to serve as the primary inventory hub of record for 26’s retail, wholesale and ecommerce operations. 26 International will also utilize RLM’s credit card module integration with their credit card gateway,, for their wholesale credit card customers.

RLM’s native EDI module will benefit 26 International and its multitude of EDI trading partners by eliminating the need to purchase a third-party EDI system—a component not found in most of the other ERP systems.

On the B2B platform, RLM has integrated with NuOrder to offer live inventory and order management with 26’s growing list of retail partners. At the same time, 26 International’s factored customers will profit from RLM’s native, fully automated Factor System capable of automatically sending and receiving validation from their factor CIT and avoiding the need for double entry and manual validation.

RLM’s Solutions Team will also focus on 26 International’s emerging ecommerce brand—“The Jacket Club” ( By RLM integrating with Shopify via an API, the result is fully automated order fulfillment while serving as the single truth of inventory for 26 International’s business.

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