RLM Apparel Software

The result of nearly 40 years of fashion industry focus, RLM Apparel Software offers clients more than 40 fully integrated apparel software modules that, when used in combination, manage the entire fashion product lifecycle – from concept to consumer. RLM Apparel Software enables fashion and sewn-products companies to unleash their full potential by accelerating performance across the entire company as well as the global supply chain.

In contrast to best-of-breed software that requires custom integration, RLM Apparel Software is an industry-specific enterprise solution that spans a wide range of traditional software categories such as product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), warehouse management (WMS), salesforce automation (SFA), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and e-Commerce.

RLM Apparel Software comes with everything you need to run your business – from design to development, sourcing to delivery, production to warehousing, sales to financials, and everything in between. Cloud-based, fashion-ready, concept-to-consumer solutions designed with your business in mind…from RLM Apparel Software.

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